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Lisias' Internet/Network Projects

Because Napoleon may had failed to conquer the World - but I will NOT. =P


A simple, homemade solution for black-listing IPs for small appliances firewall. Intended for hobbyists.

NOT TO BE USED BY PRODUCTION APPLIANCES, the reports are not professionally curated and you can black list people that can worth money to you.

Full article and code (EN)


On a lazy holiday, I was looking for a good excuse to do not clean up the house. So I thought "Hey, if RC can be used to write a CMS, why BASH cannot be used to write a HTTPD?"

Of course somebody else already did it, so I took it to fool around and got it improved.

Full article and code (EN)


Not happy, I decided to avoid house keeping again in the next Weekend, and found a somewhat improved server also made in BASH. This is what I was talking about, so I forked it and made some serious improvements and fixes.

It's now an (almost) full blown HTTP 1.0 server, with a roadmap and a operational server online.

A rudimentary IP Black List tool used to be bundled, but it was moved to its own project (see above)

Picture Screenshot

Operating Server (Raspberry Pi)

Full article and code (EN)

net.lisias.retro Micro Services

A.k.a. Lisias' Confederation of Micro Services for Retrocomputing, os just "Confederation" for the close friends. :-)

It's a series of small ("micro") RESTful (distributed) services opened to the public aiming to serve data related to the Retrocomputing Scene.

This thing has grown up a lot in the last year, and I decided to give it his own homepage here.